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Current Rx Burning

Agency Project Name Today's Planned Acres Est. Time of Ignition Legal Descriptive Location Burn Boss Comments Updated
USFS - Burns Fire Zone
No Burning Today             11-Oct-2016 8:55:44
BLM - Burns
No Burning Today             10-Mar-2017 12:24:59
BLM - Frenchglen
No Burning Today             3-May-2016 16:52:06
USF&WS - Malheur NWR
No Burning Today             3-May-2016 16:52:34

BICC Information

Updated: 11-Oct-2016 8:53:43
Duty Officer = J. Altman       Night Duty Officer = J. Altman
BICC/Contingency Resources =

Fiscal Year-to-Date Rx Burning Statistics

Agency Number of Projects Acres
Burns Fire Zone00
BLM - Burns District00
BLM - Frenchglen00
USF&WS - Malheur NWR00
USDA-Forest Service00
Bureau of Land Management00
US Fish & Wildlife Service00
Burns Interagency Communication Center Totals00
Updated 10-Mar-2017 12:24:59 by the BLM - Burns District