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Current Rx Burning

Agency Project Name Today's Planned Acres Est. Time of Ignition Legal Descriptive Location Updated
MAF Blue Mtn Ranger District No Burning Today         8-May-2019 9:06:50
MAF Prairie City Ranger District Guard School Practice Burn - Merit Unit 8 Pile Burn 10:00 T16S R33.5E Sec8 Forest Rd 16/Lake Creek Youth Camp 19-Jun-2019 17:08:15
UMF Heppner Ranger District Sun Bacon Unit 27 20 1200 T6S R27E S7, 8 FSRD 21 and 2202 19-Jul-2019 11:00:37
ODF John Day No Burning Today         16-Oct-2018 8:18:49
ODF Fossil No Burning Today         16-Oct-2018 8:18:37