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Current Rx Burning

Agency Project Name Today's Planned Acres Est. Time of Ignition Legal Descriptive Location Updated
MAF Blue Mtn Ranger District Galena RX 200 1100 T10 R34 S35 MiddleFork FS Road 2055 19-Oct-2018 11:10:35
Murderers Creek 500 1100 T16 R28 S1 Near Flagtail Lookout
MAF Prairie City Ranger District Summit 21 A 110 1100 T17S R34E S13 1643rs/461 rd 19-Oct-2018 11:11:28
UMF Heppner Ranger District No Burning Today         18-Oct-2018 10:02:04
ODF John Day No Burning Today         16-Oct-2018 8:18:49
ODF Fossil No Burning Today         16-Oct-2018 8:18:37