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Operating as all risk dispatch facilities, BICC and JDIDC are the primary focus for reporting, tracking, and processing orders of aircraft, equipment, overhead, crews, and supplies assigned to incidents.

To report wildfires on public and private lands, call 911.

Burns Interagency Communication Center
28910 Hwy 20 West
Hines, OR 97738
24 hour phone: 541-573-1000
John Day Interagency Dispatch Center
431 Patterson Bridge Road
John Day, OR 97845
24 hour phone: 541-575-1321

Fire Intelligence Reports

Prescribed Fire Situation

Type III Team

Mission Statement

The mission of BICC and JDIDC is to provide initial attack, extended attack, logistic support, prescribed burning programs and daily monitoring to the Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, Fish and Wildlife Service and Oregon Department of Forestry Resources. BICC and JDIDC also provides services for incidents throughout Eastern Oregon, the Pacific Northwest, and the Nation.

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Fire Restrictions and other information can be found on the BICC and JDIDC Intelligence Reports.

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